FAViR Overview and News


  • 2010/09/12: Added a new paper draft by Avraham Adler. See POT.pdf on the papers page.
  • 2010/09/06: A new paper draft has been added. See BayesianMixed2.pdf on the papers page.
  • 2010/06/14: Check out the new Excel Templates page. This makes using FAViR even easier.
  • 2010/05/15: Uploaded a draft of a new paper, "Bayesian Claim Severity with Mixed Distributions"
  • 2010/04/04: Submitted the package (v0.3) to CRAN. Also, the parallelogram method paper is now under papers.

About FAViR

FAViR stands for Formatted Actuarial Vignettes in R. The goal of FAViR is to lower the learning curve of the R environment, helping actuaries quickly produce and format the solutions to practical actuarial problems.

FAViR takes the form of a series of Sweave papers and an associated package. All code is free software (open source and GPL compatible). Readers can apply the techniques in each paper to their own data simply by changing the inputs. To assure consistency and quality, FAViR papers are peer reviewed and follow the same style manual.


September 12, 2010: Thanks to Avraham Adler for a paper draft contribution! It is being reviewed and will hopefully be (one of?) the first actual FAViR paper. If you're interested in reviewing or contributing a FAViR paper please let me know.

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